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Leadership - A Dawn Wall Metaphor

This is a short and sweet article that I read recently posted on "SmartBlog on Leadership: Lessons Learned From The El Capital Climb" that connects the achievement of ascending the Dawn Wall by Tommy and Kevin with executive leadership. As a climber and someone that looked at the Dawn Wall every morning when I lived in Yosemite Valley, the achievement is HUGE but one that spoke to me as a climber that has seen the sport progress to greater heights and achievements every year. That is only the surface and below that surface sometimes achievements can be seen as something greater.

It struck me that I use a similar metaphore at Outdoor Pursuits Consulting and I agree with this posts elements of: Focus Like A Laser (on an objective), Stick With It (develop and keep to your plan), and Count On Me (work as a connected team) as key leanings that all businesses can benefit from. Finding the right experience and route finding along the way is key and something that Tommy and Kevin had to do during their climbing careers to get here. Congratulations to both of them!

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